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Deadliest Catch F/V NORTHWESTERN Moored at Fisherman’s Terminal

The maritime law offices of Beard Stacey and Jacobsen PLLC are located in Seattle at Fisherman’s Terminal. Out the window of their offices, the attorneys of Beard Stacey and Jacobsen watch the Alaska fishing fleet come and go. With 90 years of combined maritime law experience, the lawyers at Beard Stacey and Jacobsen understand fishermen, how fishing accidents happen, and how fishing accidents can be prevented. Beard Stacey and Jacobsen have obtained record breaking results for their clients. The firm has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for their clients located throughout the United States.

The Alaska fishing fleet remains primarily based in Seattle, where skilled shipyard work can be performed on the vessels that need to be prepared to safely take on the extreme conditions encounterd in Alaska. Many salmon vessels are now preparing to work the lucrative summer Alaska salmon fishing season, with gillnetters, purse seiners, tenders, and processors set to leave port in the next several weeks.

For those fans of the Deadliest Catch, the crab fishing vessel NORTHWESTERN can be seen up close at the Port of Seattle Fishermen’s Terminal northern dock, located off Commodore Way and 20th Street. NORTHWESTERN is a classic design of Alaska crab fishing vessel with a long history of safely working in the dangerous waters of the Bering Sea.

The safety of all fishing vessels starts at the dock with having the right equipment to do the job and being prepared to respond to emergencies, should they arise. Although working as a fisherman in Alaska is recognized as one the most dangerous jobs in the world, few safety regulations apply to fishing vessels. It is up to the vessel owner and crew’s employer to provide each crew a safe, seaworthy vessel and safe place to work.

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