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Fishing Vessel Sinks in Sitka Sound

Sitka Mountain Rescue with the assistance of the Coast Guard rescued a man from his sinking fishing vessel in Sitka Sound last week. The 74-year-old master stated that his boat was taking on lots of water just off Kulichkof Rock. Sitka Mountain Rescue personnel arrived at the scene and managed to recover the man moments before his 44-foot Wrangell-based trawler sank.

Once rescued and aboard another boat, the master was treated for cold weather exposure and taken to the Sitka Community Hospital; he fortunately appears to be in good health.

It is unknown at this time how much diesel fuel was on board the vessel when it submerged; the maximum tank capacity is 1,400 gallons. Personnel from the Marine Safety Detachment Sitka were on site to look for and contain any visible pollution.

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