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F/V MISS COURTNEY KIM Crewman Medevaced After Crab Pot Injuries

On the evening of March 10, the Coast Guard received word that one of the MISS COURTNEY KIM crew had sustained numerous injuries when a crab pot fell on him. They were near Sanak Island, which is south of King Cove, when this happened. King Cove has the nearest clinic to that area, and is also the crew’s homeport, so 58-foot MISS COURTNEY KIM headed there pending a morning medevac.

The morning medevac was postponed until after an infant suffering from respiratory distress, in an unrelated emergency, was first medevaced from King Cove to Cold Bay. The Coast Guard helicopter crew then returned to King Cove for the crewman and transported him to Cold Bay. From there, the man was taken to Anchorage by commercial transportation for further medical treatment.

The man’s identity and current condition have not been released. Hopefully, both he and the infant are recovering well at this time.

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