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OCEAN PHOENIX – Severe Hand Injury Medevac in Alaskan Waters

On Tuesday, February 25, the Coast Guard was called in to medevac a crewman, aged 25-30, for a severe injury to his left hand. According to the record, the Coast Guard medevaced the man from OCEAN PHOENIX via helicopter to Cold Bay, and from there he was taken to Providence Medical Center in Anchorage.

Reports indicate that this happened about 85 miles northwest of Cold Bay. The crewman’s name and current condition have not been released. At the time of his medevac, winds were at 35mph winds with 10-foot seas.

OCEAN PHOENIX, a 680-foot fish processor owned by Premier Pacific Seafoods of Seattle, has had a slew of bad luck this month. On February 16, one of the crewmen was medevaced for an eye injury. On February 13, a 25-year-old crewmember was medevaced because she was experiencing chest pains.

OCEAN PHOENIX has an interesting history, which you can read here.

We hope for a swift and complete recovery for all three of these OCEAN PHOENIX crew members. Working at sea has some inherent risks even on the most seaworthy vessels. If you find yourself in a situation in which you’ve become hurt or ill while working on a vessel, the attorneys at Beard Stacey and Jacobsen are here to answer your questions and explain your rights.

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