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F/V PAVLOF and F/V PROWLER – Medevacs in Alaskan Waters

On January 9, off Cold Bay, Alaska, a 50-year-old crewman aboard Seattle-based, 50-foot PAVLOF became ill and required a Coast Guard medevac for health care. The Coast Guard helicopter picked the crewman up about 55 miles northwest of Cold Bay and transported him to the Cold Bay Clinic, whence he was further transported to Anchorage. Apparently, the man was suffering from a staph infection. Weather at the time of his medevac was reported as two-foot seas and 17mph winds.

That same day, 74 miles southwest of St. Paul, Alaska, a crewman aboard PROWLER, which is a 109-foot vessel based in Petersburg, required emergency medical care for a left-eye injury. This man was taken aboard Coast Guard Cutter Munro for assessment, whereafter he was airlifted to St. Paul for treatment. Weather at the time of his medevac was reported as calm seas, 11mph winds, and rain showers.

Whether taken ill or injured while in the service of a vessel, the vessel owner is normally responsible for “maintenance and cure,” which covers a small daily stipend and all reasonable medical care until maximum medical cure has been reached. If you have been injured or taken ill while working on a fishing vessel and wish to learn more about your rights, please contact us.

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