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On Wednesday, a small crab fishing vessel with four people on board began taking on water about one mile south of Crescent City Harbor. The Coast Guard responded to the Mayday by dispatching a 47 foot motor life boat, and an MH Dolphin Helicopter from Humbolt Bay. The vessel was stabilized and towed to safety. There were no reported injuries. The flooding of the vessel reportedly occurred through a defect in the vessel’s salt water intake.

Improper maintenance and repairs of vessels can quickly lead to a disaster at sea. Vessels should be equipped with adequate high water alarms and bilge pumps. All vessels and their crews must be trained in abandon ship and survival training before departing port. The Coast Guard provides dockside safety exams for fishing vessels free of charge. These dockside exams for uninspected vessels focus on safety equipments such as epirbs, survival suits, and life rafts.

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