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Vessel Citations Issued by U.S. Coast Guard

Saftety-Check-300x172The U.S. Coast Guard is issuing a reminder to commercial fishermen to make certain that they have appropriate lifesaving gear on their vessels prior to leaving the dock.

Several U.S. Coast Guard teams carried out inspections on commercial fishing vessels navigating the Chesapeake Bay area and its tributaries between December 1st and 7th. This operation was strategically aimed at verifying observance of safety regulations by the commercial fishing fleet.

“Operating in the maritime environment can be dangerous, particularly in colder weather,” said Capt. Jennifer Stockwell, commander, Coast Guard Sector Virginia. “Having the appropriate lifesaving equipment onboard will dramatically improve a mariner’s chance of survival if they find themselves in distress.”

14 commercial vessels were boarded by the U.S. Coast Guard for inspection. Of those vessels, four were issued citations for not having essential lifesaving equipment and survival gear on board.

To enhance safety, the U.S. Coast Guard extends courtesy inspections for commercial fishing vessels. These voluntary examinations involve inspectors who can clarify regulations and assist vessels in achieving compliance. These examinations are cost-free, conducted at the owner’s preferred location, and any issues found during a courtesy inspection will not lead to violations. This is a great service to the safety of the fishing industry.

The U.S. Coast Guard is dedicated to the wellbeing of all mariners, upholding federal regulations, and persisting in boarding commercial fishing vessels for enforcement. Vessel owners and operators can schedule a courtesy inspection with the U.S. Coast Guard at 757-439-8444.

Commercial fishing has a fatality rate approximately 23 times greater than any other profession. Vessel sinkings contribute to half of all fatalities in fishing-related incidents, with falls overboard ranking as the second leading cause. Most deaths from overboard falls can be avoided if workers wear a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD). Federal regulations mandate that commercial fishing vessels carry at least one PFD per crewmember.

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