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On September 6, the 44-foot fishing vessel, ADRIANNA, ran aground through the surf near Grays Harbor Washington. The incident was reportedly caused when the crewman on wheel watch feel asleep. The Coast Guard is citing fatigue as the cause of the accident.

The incident occurred at around 3:00 a.m. on Friday. Three crewmen were aboard the vessel at the time of the accident. There are no reported injuries at this time. The crew plans to attempt to refloat the steel-hulled vessel at the next high tide. No pollution has been noted at this time, however the vessel reportedly was carrying 1,200 gallons of diesel fuel.

The Coast Guard responded to the incident with helicopters and surfboats delivering pumps to the vessel. “Fatigue continues to be a major problem in the commercial fishing fleet. We’ve had numerous cases of people running aground due to fatigue over the last year,” said Captain Bruce Jones, commander, Coast Guard Sector Columbia River. “In the Pacific Northwest, there’s little margin for error. It’s absolutely critical that mariners always remain diligent and place sufficient emphasis on safety in order to protect life and our sensitive environment.”

Luckily, the accident resulted in no deaths. The Washington Coast continues to be one of the most dangerous fisheries in the world. The grounding of the ADRIANNA is under investigation by the Coast Guard.

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