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Boat Collision in Tillamook Bay, Oregon

SEATTLE – The Coast Guard is investigating the collision of a fishing boat with several vessels and a pier in Tillamook Bay, Ore., that occurred Thursday evening. The fishing vessel Swell Rider, a 73-foot commercial fishing vessel, collided with the vessels and pier while attempting to navigate to its moorage in the harbor.

Personnel from Coast Guard Station Tillamook Bay boarded the vessel and performed an inspection. Inspections after a search and rescue case or marine accident are a normal procedure.

No injuries or pollution were reported but the pier suffered extensive damage. Further assessment of all vessels involved will continue to determine the full extent of damage. The cause of the accident is under investigation. The master of the vessel is fully cooperating with Coast Guard officials.

Photos of the damaged vessels and pier can be found at the following links.

Source: US Coast Guard

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