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British Columbia Ferry Rams Dock – Six Passengers Injured

One passenger was airlifted to a hospital in Vancouver with possible head injuries after a British Columbia Ferry, Queen of Nanaimo, carrying 207 passengers, rammed a ferry dock on Mayne Island near Victoria. Five other persons were also injured in Tuesday’s accident. The captain of the ferry capable of carrying up to 192 vehicles apparently was unable to put the vessel in reverse and tried to drop the ferry’s anchor before colliding with the dock. Subsequent investigation found ropes in the wheel of the ferry. The ferry had reportedly run over a crab pot during the ferry trip, and it is speculated that the line in the wheel resulted in other mechanical failure. The British Columbia ferries have had ongoing problems with crab fishermen along the ferry’s route. The ferries frequently encounter crab pots along the ferry route, resulting in lines becoming entangled in the ferry’s wheel. It is unknown whether or not the captain of the Queen of Nanaimo was able to alert the passengers of the impending collision before the accident happened. Investigation into the accident will be ongoing.

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