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The 82-foot fishing vessel, Sea Clipper, suddenly rolled and began taking on water Sunday about 13 miles out of Humboldt Bay. The vessel’s fishing gear apparently snagged on the bottom causing the vessel to roll 90 degrees and begin taking on water. The Captain of the vessel immediately issued a May Day call on channel sixteen, setting a Coast Guard rescue effort in motion. The crew of the vessel donned survival suits and launched their survival craft, however, they were able to cut the snagged net free and get the vessel righted. When the Coast Guard arrived on the scene the Sea Clipper’s decks were flooded. With additional pumps provided by the Coast Guard, the Sea Clipper was able to pump out its compartments and start making its way back to Humboldt Bay. Also responding to the May Day call were two good Samaritan vessels, the Lion and the Pacific Ram.

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