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Federal Stimulus Money to Help Fish Farmers

The U.S. is prepared to spend $50 million of the allocated federal stimulus money to help fish farmers who have been hit by a 50% increase in feed prices last year. These funds are designed to aid fish farmers all across the country. According to the Associated Press, the funds would “provide algae to nourish clam and oyster larvae along the Pacific coast, fill the bellies of tilapia in Arizona and feed catfish, trout and game fish in the Midwest and South.”
Many supporters of this allocation of funds believe the stimulus will help preserve the jobs that would have been lost because of the increased feed prices. Alaska spends $20 million a year of fish feed for its 35 salmon farm fisheries alone. The feed, however, comes from South America, something many “buy American” spokespeople hope will change, especially considering the potential annual sale of $170 million worth of fish oil and meal production.
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