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Seattle Fishermen’s Safety Fair

The Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial is sponsoring their first “Fishermen’s Safety Fair.” The day long event on May 16th will be held at Dock 9 at Fisherman’s Terminal in Ballard.  Prizes will be awarded throughout the day to participants and those attending the festival.   The festival is to promote commercial fishing safety with free practical skill training and education given throughout the day to crewmen and boat owners.  Skills stations providing information and instruction on survival suits and life rafts, man overboard rescue and recovery, personal flotation devices, flares and signals, and Mayday distress calls have been planned.  Participating in the safety fair will be the United States Coast Guard, NIOSH, NPFVOA, local fishing companies such as Trident Seafoods, and marine safety companies including Fremont Maritime.

Seattle is home base for much of the Alaska and Bering Sea commercial fishing fleet, and all local commercial fishermen and their families are invited to participate in the free fair designed to heighten safety awareness and provide basic introduction to marine safety topics that save the lives of commercial fishermen. The sponsor of the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial event offers rebates for maritime safety training in vessel stability, first aid, firefighting and drill instructor training.  To determine your qualifications to obtain these valuable rebates, visit the Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial home page.  There is no excuse to not be trained in safety and to have the proper safety equipment aboard your vessel.  Your life and your crew’s lives depend on proper safety training and safety equipment.



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