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Six Alaska Crab Fishermen Rescued Near Dutch Harbor – F/V ARCTIC HUNTER on the Rocks

The 93-foot crab boat ARCTIC HUNTER ran aground shortly after leaving Dutch Harbor on November 1, 2013. The crab boat crashed onto the rocks near Morris Cove early Friday morning and remains partially submerged. Numerous vessels responded to the Mayday message with the SAGA SEA being the first on the scene to help rescue the six man crew. The cause of the accident is under investigation by the Coast Guard. The Captain of the vessel was reportedly given two different sobriety tests, one of which he reportedly failed. Some reports have indicated that the captain has explained he had a beer after the ARCTIC HUNTER went aground and before abandoning ship. Other reports have indicated the captain fell asleep at the wheel. The ARCTIC HUNTER is home ported in Kodiak, Alaska.

Efforts to salvage the ARCTIC HUNTER and contain environmental damages have been spearheaded by Magone Marine. The efforts to remove 12,000 gallons of fuel from the vessel have been hampered by high winds and rough seas. Fortunately, there were no reported crew injuries in this matter.

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