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Commercial Chinook Salmon Season To Open Off Washington and Oregon Coast

Thursday the Pacific Fisheries Management Council adopted a commercial 2010 Chinook salmon seasons for the Washington and Oregon Coasts. Under the proposal, commercial fishermen will be able to harvest 56,000 Chinook salmon north of Cape Falcon and 13,000 marked hatchery Coho. Recreational fishermen will also share in the openings which provide for a total allowable catch of 117,000 Chinook and 80,000 marked hatchery Coho. The limits reflect a higher rate of return for Chinook salmon, while the Coho season is projected to be a down year. Oregon commercial fishermen have not been permitted to harvest Chinook since 2007. The proposal calls for very limited harvest south of Cape Falcon. The Pacific Fisheries Management Council’s decision still needs final approval by NOAA, which is anticipated on May 1st.

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