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Dutch Harbor Seafood Company Agrees To Pay EPA $500,000 Fine

Westward Seafoods Inc., a Dutch Harbor seafood processing plant has agreed to pay a $570,000 civil penalty to resolve alleged violations of the Clean Air Act occurring between 2002 and 2006. The EPA complaint against Westward Seafoods alleged improper use and reporting regarding the burning of 1.3 million gallons of diesel fuel and use of 80,000 pounds of ammonia. Under the terms of the settlement, Westward Seafoods will be required to create a preventive maintenance and operation plan, develop and implement an annual training plan for its employees, and develop internal plans for reporting to the federal and local environmental agencies. A spokesman for the EPA stated, “We expect companies that handle hazardous chemicals and operate diesel generators to comply with the law. This settlement is designed to put a system into place that will prevent future violations of the environment and public safety laws.”

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