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SeekJustice-300x208Employment aboard a tugboat carries inherent risks, emphasizing the crucial role tugboat owners play in maximizing crew safety and assuming financial liability in case of crew injuries. Regrettably, many tug and barge companies neglect these obligations. However, Federal Maritime law offers unique protection for crew members who sustain injuries while working on tugs, barges, and towboats.

Jones Act Law

The Jones Act establishes a legal avenue to pursue claims of negligence against an employer if an injury occurs. Employers have an obligation to ensure a safe work environment for all maritime workers. Most maritime accidents can be avoided by adhering to proper safety protocols, supplying a competent crew, and maintaining the condition of a ship’s equipment in a reasonable and safe manner. According to maritime law, the owner of the vessel is required to furnish workers with a seaworthy ship, and this obligation is absolute.

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