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John McMillen, who grew up in Chimacum, Washington, was honored on the M/V KENNEWICK as the ferry traveled between Port Townsend and Coupeville.

McMillen was given the Life Ring award for his role in saving a man’s life earlier this month. On July 17th, McMillen used an automated external defibrillator on a 60-year old man who suffered a heart attack aboard a Bainbridge-bound ferry.

The crew acted quickly to help the man, and the captain rerouted the ferry back towards Seattle. This effort allowed the man to receive medical attention an hour sooner than he would have if the ferry continued to Bainbridge.

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On Labor Day 2014, the U.S. Coast Guard and Washington Department of Ecology received word that oil, as well as strong petroleum odors, had appeared in the Ballard Mill Marina on Salmon Bay. The Coast Guard and Department of Ecology have established a unified command to oversee the plan and cleanup of the spill. Funds from the federal Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund were used to hire diving and salvage crews to assist in the cleanup.
At this time, no one has claimed responsibility for the spill, but scientists are taking samples of oil from the spill as well as vessels in the vicinity to help track down the source. While no reports of wildlife being affected have been made, the estimated amount spent on cleanup so far is close to $75,000, which is being financed from the trust fund. Anyone with any information on the investigation is encouraged to contact the Puget Sound Coast Guard Command Center.

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Community Attributes, a Seattle-based research firm, has just released their “Washington State Maritime Cluster Economic Impact Study.” Maritime history in our region, most notably fishing and trade, began when the first people settled here many thousands of years ago, followed by European and American expansion, and since then, we’ve experienced an infusion of cultural influence from around the world, creating a background for success.

While there is no question that our maritime industry is deep-rooted and essential to the economy of Washington State, this past May, the Economic Development Council (EDC) of Seattle and King County issued their “Request for Proposals for a Maritime Industry Economic Impact and Cluster Analysis for the Puget Sound Region and Washington State” in order to collect and provide facts supporting the importance of maritime industry here.

The task of Community Attributes, which was awarded the research work, was to identify and assess the contributions of the maritime industry and its connections with the community, as well as its economic impact and growth potential based on qualified, quantifiable data. The study requirements included:
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A Seattle woman has been killed aboard a construction barge in Seattle. The woman’s relationship to the construction barge working in Seattle’s Elliott Bay is unknown. The death was reportedly the result of the woman being hit in the head by a crane on the barge. The barge was moored just south of Seattle’s downtown waterfront.

Workers aboard marine construction barges may be classified as Jones Act seamen. The legal status of an accident victim is critical to determine what compensation may available in the case of a wrongful death.

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Coast Guard Station Provincetown and Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod responded and medevaced a man on board the 67-foot fishing vessel Sao Jacinto, two- and-a-half miles west of race point near Provincetown, Mass.

The injured man on board the New Bedford, Ma. fishing vessel is Orlando Costa, 42. He suffered a severe head injury. Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod is taking him to Massachusetts General Hospital. His condition is unknown. The rescue helicopter crew is scheduled to arrive at the hospital about 6:45 p.m. today

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