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Crew from the 82-foot F/V NORTHERN PRIDE called out a Mayday around 2 pm on April 21, 2015 and abandoned ship due to a fire in the engine room. The Good Samaritan F/V DANCER relayed the Mayday to the Coast Guard who sent a Kodiak, Alaska Jayhawk helicopter crew to the life raft located off Stevenson Entrance, 60 miles north of Kodiak.

“We couldn’t fight the fire; it was too smoky; it was scary,” said Scott Beckstrom, captain of the NORTHERN PRIDE. “So we made a distress call, put on our survival suits, manually launched the life raft and got in safely, turned on the EPIRB and waited for our heroes who came within a half hour.”

Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Lindsey Green, operations specialist, Sector Anchorage command center said, “The crew of the NORTHERN PRIDE was prepared and took the necessary steps to ensure their safety when their vessel caught on fire. Emergencies can occur at any time and having the right safety equipment is critical when operating in Alaska’s extreme environments.”

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An electrical fire broke out onboard the passenger ferry VICTORIA CLIPPER on April 16, 2015 while en route from Victoria BC to Seattle, WA. VICTORIA CLIPPER crew called the Coast Guard around 7:15 pm to report the fire in a forward space housing the anchor windlass. The ferry was located off Port Townsend with 223 passengers on board when the fire broke out. Ferry crew extinguished the fire and no one was injured.

The Coast Guard notified the WA State Ferry Operation Center and the Seattle Fire Department to assist if necessary, and a Coast Guard helicopter and patrol boat crew escorted the ferry safely back to Seattle.

“The response of the VICTORIA CLIPPER crew was exceptional,” said Lt. Raffael Shamilov, command duty officer at the Coast Guard 13th District Command Center in Seattle. The Coast Guard will investigate the cause of the fire.

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The Coast Guard rescued two people after their vessel caught fire on the Fourth of July. The 70-foot pleasure boat was near Destruction Island, Washington, when the engine caught fire, prompting the two to put out a distress call on VHF-FM radio channel 16.
Both a Motor Life Boat crew and a MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew responded to the call, and rescued both the man and his wife. The vessel, the LA PIETRA, is from Beverly Hills, California.

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At around 1:30 a.m. on December 28, F/V JUNO, a 131-foot, Westport-based fish processor, caught fire while moored at her pier. The JUNO master was on board at the time, but got off safely. No other crew were reported on board.

It took until just after 4:00 a.m. for the Coast Guard and Westport Fire Department to douse the fire, at which time they estimated about 5,000 gallons of firefighting water remained aboard JUNO, causing her to list. The next steps were to remove this water and identify and contain possible pollution sources. So far, no pollution has been reported.

Of course, an investigation of what caused the fire is underway.

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A fire broke out on a fishing trawler moored near Seattle Gas Works park Friday night. The 125-foot fishing vessel, ROYAL ENTERPRISE, reportedly caught fire around 7:45 p.m. No one was aboard the vessel at the time of the fire, and the cause of fire is under investigation. The Seattle Fire Department responded to the fire and was able to confine the fire to the deck level and control the fire in approximately an hour. This is the second boat fire to strike the Seattle fishing fleet in the last ten days.